Structural Engineer of Record Services


JDH Structural Engineers, PLLC regularly encourages its staff to explore modern structural design and construction techniques available by attending seminars and studying publications on the latest technological advances within the industry. This coupled with light gauge metal framing and steel connection design experience provides our clients with the most innovative and cost efficient solutions for all their projects.

From concept to completion,JDH Structural Engineers guides its clients toward the most economical, constructible and aesthetically pleasing structures. We have extensive experience in the design of structures utilizing steel, conventional and post tensioned reinforced concrete, wood, masonry, cold formed metal and several other proprietary structural systemsContactJDH Structural Engineers, PLLC to learn more about our structural engineer services.

Structural Engineering Project Experience

  • Higher Education
  • Mixed Use
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • K-12
  • Municipal
  • Special Structures



  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Multi-Family
  • Churches
  • Parking Decks

Structural Engineering Services

  • Project Services (see below)
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Structural Investigation
  • Construction Services
  • Structural Peer Review
  • Seismic Retrofit


  • Structural Cost Studies
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Special Inspections
  • General Structural Consulting
  • Renovation of Existing Structures
  • Dynamic Analysis

Typical Project Services Scope:

Schematic Design

  • Provide geotechnical engineer with all requested information concerning the structure to help facilitate their analysis. This typically includes determining the locations and number of soil borings, providing expected foundation loads and defining/discussing structural requirements pertaining to soil behavior. Issuing our “JDH Standard Geotechnical Requirements” ensuring the owner and team attain all required information.
  • Develop schematic phase structural system concepts for your project in concert with you, your other consultants and the contractor, if available. Schematic phase includes resolving general questions as to the overall structural requirements and assisting your firm in selecting the structural system best suited for your project.
  • Generate structural narrative and typical framing plans and details as required.


Contract Documents

  • Complete all analysis, design, details, and drawings required to produce a set of structural contract documents for items within the building envelope.
  • Provide all applicable structural divisions of specifications.
  • Coordinate our drawings with architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Provide meetings as required to ensure our drawings are properly coordinated with yours and other consultants.
  • Assist with bidding and negotiation consisting of answering questions, issuing clarifications, revisions and addenda.
  • Create and coordinate, in concert with you, a schedule of “Special Inspections” per State Building Code.
  • Sign & Seal final contract documents including specifications.


Construction Administration

JDH Structural Engineers, PLLC provides complete construction administration services for all projects as part of our Standard Services Agreement and typically includes the following:

  • Assist client with bidding and negotiations.
  • Review submittals and shop drawings for all structural elements designed and/or specified within our structural drawing package.
  • Complete field visits with written reports and pictures.
  • Communicate any construction discrepancies to the team and ensure they are corrected.
  • Protect the owner from unreasonable additional costs during construction.
  • Issue routine clarifications and corrections to structural documents, if required, and respond to contractor’s requests for assistance with typical field questions and problems.
  • Respond to general contractor RFIs.
  • Review general contractor’s monthly applications for payment.
  • Visit the job to assist with punch list review and add to the list any additional items observed as requiring correction.
  • Assist with determining the date of Substantial Completion.
  • Conduct assist with final inspection.


Our team clearly understands the importance of quick response time and clear direction for all design and construction administration tasks to ensure the schedule is not compromised and the owner is protected.