Why Use JDH As Your Connection Design Engineer?

Why use JDH as your Connection Design Engineer?


We believe the key to success is providing an extraordinary service and product. What does that mean? Over the years we have learned what is of primary importance to our clients and assimilated these characteristics as part of our culture.

  • Responsive – Project time constraints create a need for immediate attention and we understand the importance of solving a problem quickly and delivering the solution. We will make ourselves available when you need answers during design & construction.
  • Adaptive – We understand you have preferences that need to be incorporated into the connection design. We adjust our connection design solutions to your needs saving you time and money.
  • Accurate – With our experienced connection design engineers, state of the art structural analysis and design software, spreadsheets and QC process, we deliver high quality accurate connection design packages.
  • Connection Package Presentation – Obtaining approved calculations and producing clear information for the detailer is of primary importance. We deliver our connection package in easy to read format complete with connection schedules, CAD drawings and calculations.

Connection design is a unique process that requires intense focus and fluid thought. We understand and accept the responsibility of this process with enthusiasm. Connection design is a challenging component of building construction that keeps our engineers finely tuned and energized.

Additional Benefits

  • Free Lump-sum pricing makes budgeting simple
  • Fast turnaround helps facilitate fast schedule
  • Competitive pricing
  • Effortless drawing transfer
  • Engineers available to discuss options and alternatives
  • Custom connection design