CONFIRMED! Bank of America Is Making Lincoln Harris' Office Tower In Charlotte Home!

It’s long been rumored that Bank of America would nestle into the Lincoln Harris project, and that they are! Bank of America has confirmed that they have signed a lease in the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina to the turn of approximately 500,000 square feet in the 620 S. Tryon Street building, becoming the true anchor of the former Charlotte Observer space. In addition to the 500,000 sqft of space within the tower, there is also a 2,700 sqft parking deck currently under construction. By the end of the 1st quarter of 2019, Bank of America hopes to occupy the space, along with other lease-able space and ground-floor retail space available in the tower making up the full space of the tower equal to 845,000 sqft. It’s still unknown what that means for other Charlotte based Bank of America locations, and if any restructuring of employees or locations will be done with this new office space deal signed, but time will tell. For now, what we know is that this speaks volumes for the project of the Lincoln Harris office tower, and signifies that Bank of America takes it’s relationship with Charlotte, North Carolina seriously.